Vintage Binoculars

modes complete

  • Multi and single-user system options
  • Networked or standalone
  • Fully customisable
  • Spectrum compliant

from £1,400

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modes compact

  • Single user system only
  • Pre-defined application with simplified record structure
  • Supports the nine Spectrum primary procedures required by Accreditation

from £700

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Key features and benefits

Data entry – Create structured catalogue records easily and efficiently, with templates to ensure a consistent structure and element groups for commonly-occurring information.

Data quality – Ensure all your records have a valid structure with built-in support and syntax checks for names and dates and termlists for vocabulary control.

Searching – Gain instant access to relevant data with multiple indexes, plus support for complex boolean searches and the ability to hand-pick records.

Navigating your data – Order your data by any index and sort records by the content of selected fields.

Viewing data – View full records or selected fields.

Save as pdf – Print or save all your views.

Send as email – Send information as an email, whichever format you choose.

Multimedia – Associate any number of images, sound files, video, documents, etc. with your records; view images in multimedia and grid views.

Data import and export – Import and export effortlessly with flexible import facilities and a range of data export options.

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