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Cotesbach Educational Trust

How has Modes helped you?

We have a great task of documenting 150 boxes of archives! Our group of trusty volunteers, who use Modes Compact to document these social history records, has a broad spectrum of IT skills.

We have all found that Modes Compact has all the benefits of Catalist, but is much, much easier to use. When we get stuck, or need some guidance as to how to make the software work for us – we call Nick. Having the personal contact and expert support makes all the difference, and although Modes has a strong provision of user manuals online, you always know that by calling or emailing Nick, you will receive an expert and personal response.

As a small museum and archive we have many balls in the air at once, and Modes genuinely appreciate our situation and understand our aims. The team at Modes is open to feedback and suggestions are fed into the development. Modes Compact has a strong regional base and good local network. As we plan our move into new premises and make our collections more accessible, and work towards Accreditation, we know that Modes users and the Modes team will be there to support us.

Overview of the organisation

Source: Sophy Newton, Director

The Cotesbach Educational Trust (CET) is renovating three 18th and19th century buildings located on the Cotesbach Estate. These buildings will provide storage for local archives of national interest and act as a base for sustainable educational and community activities, focusing on local social, environmental and artistic heritage. The aim is to reconnect with place and land to develop skills for the future.

The archive viewing facilities and associated education programme will be available to schools and wider communities in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire and using modern technology CET hopes to reach a national audience over time.

The Estate archive dates back to the time of Henry V and covers documents from this period right up to the 20th century, including poignant letters from the front in World War 1. The Trust is using Modes Compact to support their documentation of this social history.

When did you start using Modes software?

We upgraded from Catalist to Modes Complete in April 2011.

How many people use Modes?

Eleven volunteers.

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