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Supported versions

Which versions of Modes are currently supported?

We support the following versions of Modes:

  • Modes Compact version 1.3
  • Modes Complete version 1.4
  • Modes Complete version 1.5

We cannot support earlier versions except for migration to a current version.

How do you know which version of Modes you’re using?

Start Modes, then choose About from the Help menu. This will show either Modes Complete or Modes Compact, and the Client Version number 1.21.3, 1.4 or 1.5. 

1.4 and earlier - hold the mouse over the number to reveal the full version number

The other thing to check is the Server Version. If this shows 'built in server' you are a standalone user.  If it shows 2.0804 or 4.5 you are a networked user. If it shows 2.0804 then the server needs to be upgraded to the current version.