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About Modes

What does "Modes" stand for?

MODES was the acronym for the original Museum Object Data Entry System - we've come a long way since then, but the name stuck!

How long has Modes been in business?

Modes has been available for more than 30 years. The Modes Users Association began in 1996.  Click here to find out more.

Who uses Modes?

Around 650 museums, galleries and other organisations throughout the UK use Modes to manage their collection information. Over 40% of accredited museums in the UK use Modes.

Does Modes run on Windows 10?

Yes. Modes will run on Windows 10. Click here to see our full technical specification.

Does Modes run on a Mac?

No. Modes is written for Windows and requires a Windows operating system. It can be run on a Mac running Windows as a virtual server (e.g. Parallels Desktop) or which can be booted into Windows. 

New to Modes?

How soon can I get Modes up and running in my organisation?

You can download the software and get started as soon as we receive your order. We can give you an estimate for additional work such as data conversion which may be required to import your data from another system.

What support do you offer to new users?

We give free support to new users for the first 12 months. This means unlimited help by phone or email (during office hours) and access to our website resources. We can also resolve technical problems directly through remote access to your computer. You can access a range of training courses for an additional fee. Another great source of free support is the online community of Modes users.

How easy is it to transfer from another collections management software to Modes?

You shouldn't need to re-type any of the data! Data can be transferred from other systems, usually through a CSV or XML export. We will carry out the transfer as a service. 

What if I choose one level of software and realise it isn't right for our organisation - how can I upgrade to another version?

It's easy to upgrade from Modes Compact to Modes Complete, as the record structures are compatible. What's more, we will give a full discount on the purchase price, so it will cost you no more than if you had originally chosen Modes Complete. Downgrading from Complete to Compact is also possible. Click here to find out more about our software packages.

How do you ensure the safety and confidentiality of the system?

The system is fully password protected. Each Modes user has an individual account with a personal password and belongs to an access group which determines their level of access in the system. You can limit reports and outputs to control access to confidential information. Your data is further protected by a built in back up system, which automatically creates a back up when you exit Modes.

I don't work in the museums sector, but I'm looking for software to manage a collection. Would Modes be appropriate to my organisation?

Modes is ideal for cataloguing collections of all types. Local history societies, sports clubs, schools and hospitals all use Modes to catalogue their collections. If your collection includes photographs and memorabilia, then Modes will work very well for you. Many features can be customised in Modes Complete, to tailor it even further around your collection and organisation. 

Can you link images to a Modes record?

Yes, you can link any number of images to a Modes record, using a simple drag-and-drop process.

Already a Modes user?

Is it easy to upgrade from Modes for Windows?

Yes. We will convert your Modes for Windows data into Modes Complete free of charge.

Is it easy to upgrade from Modes Compact to Modes Complete?

Yes. Modes Complere version 1.4 can import data straight from a Modes Compact backup file.

Is it easy to add additional users to my licence?

Yes, you can add an additional user to your licence at any time.

How much does it cost to add an extra user?

For Modes Complete, there is a one-off charge of £625 +VAT to add an additional user. For Modes Complact it is £312.50 +VAT. Your support fee will increase in the following year by £36+VAT for Modes Compact, or £72+VAT for Modes Complete.