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Modes Compact software

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Modes Compact is specially designed for smaller museums and collections and supports standards for Accreditation. It allows you to collate, manage and share your collections information effectively.

Modes Compact supports the Spectrum Primary Procedures required by the Accreditation Scheme. Modes Compact gives you more control - without being complicated. Most settings, such as record templates, indexes, outputs and validation, are pre-defined. This makes Modes Compact exceptionally straightforward to install and use. To find out more, take a look at Compact's key features below.

Key features and benefits

Supports Accreditation

  • Supports Spectrum primary procedures - Create records for object entry, acquisition and accessioning, location and movement control, Inventory, cataloguing, object exit, loans in (borrowing objects) and loans out (lending objects).
  • Documentation planning - use Modes Compact as part of your documentation plan.
  • Accessions register - Print your accessions register straight from Modes Compact.

Easy for all to use

  • Pre-supplied templates  - For inventory, object cataloguing, images, books or loans in
  • Data export - You can export your data as XML, CSV, HTML or PDF
  • Ready to use - Pre-defined templates, index settings, validation settings, outputs and reports.

Help and support to get you started

  • Free telephone, email and web support for the first year - we can even access your computer remotely and sort out any queries
  • Quick Start Guides - Take a look at our wide range of step-by-step guides and guide records


  • Customisable  -  Users can choose their own font size, font style and colours.  Create new grid displays simply by dragging and dropping columns.
  • Multimedia files - Attach a range of multimedia files - you can associate images, sound, video and document files with your records
  • PDF and email records - Produce and email PDF copies of records.


  • Access levels - Built in 'public', 'reader', 'cataloguer' and 'poweruser' profiles determine how much access individuals have to the system
  • Automatic backup - Added security with back up on closing the program.

What will it cost?

System requirements

Like to discuss the hardware requirements in more detail and don't have access to your own IT support? We would be happy to help guide you through the installation process.

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