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Feature comparison

Want to know which Modes software package is right for your collection and organisation?

Find out by taking a look at our features checklist below.

 Modes Complete logoModes Compact logo
Share database over local network Y N
Full object data structure Y N
Supports Accreditation Y Y
Spectrum compliant Y N
Support for ISAD(G) outputs Y N
Import data from Excel (using CSV converter tool) Y N
Automatic session backup Y Y
Multimedia attachments: image, sound, video, text & documents in any format Y Y
Drag-and-drop multimedia attachment Y Y
Save as PDF Y Y
Save as Email attachment Y Y
Built-in access levels (administrator, power-user, cataloguer, read-only) Y Y
Customise grids Y Y
Customise outputs and reports Y N
Create & customise indexes Y N
Spell-checking Y Y
Create termlists Y N
Modify termlists Y N
Customise validation Y N
Create new data files Y N
Create new record templates Y N
Create & modify constants Y N
Create barcodes Y Y