modes collections management

Documenting collections since 1987

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Introduction to using Modes

  • Modes Complete or Modes Compact
  • Essential overview
  • Introduction, but also a great refresher
  • Finding your way around Modes
  • Creating an inventory record 
  • Attaching an image to a record

How to document an object or photograph using Modes

  • Modes Complete or Modes Compact
  • Creating a record from template
  • Populating the record and working with validation
  • Modifying the record
  • Attaching images and other multimedia
  • Cloning a record
  • Customising templates
  • Sharing and printing the record

Transform your data with global editing

  • Modes Complete only
  • Creating and storing an element group
  • Updating a set of records using a stored element group
  • Designing a new grid layout
  • Global grid edits - Find and replace and Paste in columns

Setting up controls with Modes Admin

  • Modes Complete administrators only
  • Setting up and managing user accounts
  • Setting up media folders
  • Setting up a termlist
  • Setting up a new index for searching