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Modes Web Hosting

We can host a copy of your Modes records and set up online access using the Modes Browser WordPress plugin. Your web developer will be able to connect to this service and include your Modes data in your website.

What can I do with Modes Browser?

The Modes Browser WordPress plugin lets you:

  • Include information from Modes records in a WordPress website;
  • Search the collection with a simple type-in search box, or drop-down selections;
  • Show the results as a list of records, or as single records;
  • Create selection grids with links to pre-defined groups of records such as ‘paintings’ or ‘High Street’ or ‘Victorian’ or ‘Smith & Co.’.
  • Plot records on maps and timelines.

See Reference for developers for a full list of features.

What will I need to use Modes Browser?

You will need a copy of your Modes data to be held on a web server which is running WordPress. Modes will host this for you.

Can you develop a website for us?

No. Our service includes hosting of the database and installation of the Modes Browser plugin only.

Talk to a web developer about developing your website from this basic framework.

How can I add new records?

You can update the online database as often as you wish by uploading backups from your Modes files.

Is there any limit to the number of records I can upload?

No, there is no limit to the number of records you can upload.

Can I upload images too?

Yes, you can upload images and other media.

Can you host Modes Compact data too?

Yes. We can host records from either Modes Complete or Modes Compact.

What about confidential information?

The Modes Browser WordPress plugin does not to allow access to confidential fields.  But, for additional security, you can filter out confidential information before you upload it. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites. WordPress runs 28% of the entire internet.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are used to add functions to a WordPress website. For example, to embed a Google map, or a shopping cart, or to display the your Twitter feed.

The Modes Browser plugin allows you to include your Modes records within a WordPress website.

Does Modes support any other CMS?

No. Modes provides a plugin only for WordPress.

Does Modes have an API?

Yes. Contact us for details of the ModesCGI and Modes Linked Data APIs.

How much does it cost?

Click here for prices.