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Loan-related data entry survey27th July, 2022

Loan-related data entry survey The CIDOC Documentation Standards Working Group would like to understand how much time museum staff spend copying-and-pasting, or retyping, information into different systems whenever they lend or borrow objects. This is to help make the case for a standard for the interchange of loan-related object data, which, if it is successful, could save thousands of hours…

MUA is recruiting Directors8th March, 2022

These are exciting times for the Modes Users Association (MUA). As we think about the next generation of Modes products, we are looking for people to help us shape the strategic direction of the business over the next few years. If you are interested in joining us as a Non-Executive Director, please read on...

Setting up Modes to work from home4th January, 2021

With lockdown restrictions forcing museums to close, people have been in touch with us for advice about setting up Modes to work at home.