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Getting to know Modes Board – introducing Emma Herrity21st December, 2016

Introducing Modes Board Member Emma Herrity. Find out about Emma's work as Museum & Collections Officer at the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, and why she is delighted to be a guiding force for the future of Modes ....

Workshop and AGM Review: Forward vision27th October, 2016

Modes held another successful Annual Workshop & AGM on 12 October 2016, and with around 40 enthusiastic members in attendance, it nicely rounded-off our end of financial year reporting which has seen the second most profitable year ever for Modes!

Honouring Michael Freeman on his retirement from Modes Board27th October, 2016

At the Modes Users Association AGM in October, Michael Freeman stood down from the MUA Board of Directors after over 20 years’ service. Jamie Everitt, Modes Chair, tells us about the importance of Michael's many contributions to the organisation in a presentation for his retirement.

Where it all began – my favourite Modes memories27th October, 2016

As he retires from Modes Board, we discover where it all began for our former chair Michael Freeman as he shares with us some of his favourite memories of Modes… with tributes to colleagues and amusing anecdotes that we’re sure some of our longstanding members will remember, oh too well!

Getting to know Modes Board – introducing Nicola Sherhod27th October, 2016

This month we introduce you to new Modes Board Member Nicola Sherhod. She tells us about her broad experience in the museums sector including innovative initiatives she has helped to develop, her successes with empowering volunteers, and how she hopes to support positive change in the sector through her new role on Modes Board.

Top Tips for Recording in different languages in Modes27th October, 2016

With new Modes Board member Nicola Sherhod, curator at the John Bunyan Museum & Library, revealing the amazing fact that John Bunyan’s book ‘A Pilgrim’s Progress’ has been reproduced in more than 215 languages and dialects – this month’s Top Tips looks at how to record in Modes using different languages and character sets.

Collections strength through collaboration: A Greek in Egypt20th September, 2016

This month Modes discover remarkable ancient treasures in a collaborative Touring exhibition at The University of Nottingham Museum. We talk to Museum Keeper Clare Pickersgill to find out more about the work behind this spectacular collection, its background, and why it’s so important for the Museum in Nottingham.


Next month is our Annual Workshop & AGM, and once again we have a full agenda to help you get more out of your Modes. With demonstrations focused on the new Modes version 1.3 – Complete and Compact are now highly competitive production tools to help you get your collections in order. 2015-2016 was a strong year for Modes, and so we’ll be asking you once again to get your ‘wish-lists’ formulated to help us deliver software that fits your future needs.

Top Tips September 2016 on loans-in20th September, 2016

With our special feature focus on The University of Nottingham Museum's collaborative exhibition of ancient underwater discoveries ‘A Greek in Egypt', this month’s Top Tips looks at how to capture Loans In information, and help you streamline the documentation for this process.

Who needs digitised collections?20th September, 2016

Join us at the Collections Trust Conference 2016 on 29th September in London to find out more…