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Top Tips for checking software version numbers

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With the upgrade for Modes Complete now available and with Modes Compact to follow early next year – how do you know which version of Modes software you’re running?  

Open up Modes

  • Help menu
  • About
  • Client version

Hover for the Client Version number with the cursor to reveal the full version number.  Modes Complete users need to be running a Client version number or later to be fully up-to-date.  If you have an earlier version number, you need to install the workstation upgrade. Any questions please contact Modes Support.


Jump to the end of a datafile – moving about within Modes

Fed up of scrolling from one end of a datafile to another – use the Navigation arrowsinstead!

  • Navigate menu
  • Last entry or First entry depending on which end of the file you want to be at.

Alternatively use the red Navigation arrowon the Navigation baralong the top to the right to jump seamlessly from one end of a Datafile to the other.

screenshot of Modes v1.4 version number details 

Use the single red Navigation arrow to move from one record to the next in any of the Modes tabbed views.


Discover the benefits of being Modes Members:


We use Modes Complete version 1.4 for all our training.  To learn about the new features, or to refresh your Modes skills generally, sign up for one of our forthcoming courses.

More information

Contact Modes Support if you have any questions about version 1.4, or download the list of new features or the technical overview.



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