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Oops wrong number!

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It can happen even to the best of us – we’ve accidently typed in an incorrect Identity Number and clicked the OK button and Modes has produced a record with a unique but incorrect Object Identity Number.  Or maybe you’ve noticed records out of sequence in your Modes datafile?  Typos, hard to read handwriting on Entry forms or object labels and confusing in-house numbering systems can all lead to major issues in your Museum documentation.  Although Modes will not let you create a new record or re-assign an existing record with an Object Identity Number that’s all-ready in use in that specific datafile, mistakes can and do happen when inputting that vital piece of data into Modes.  Remember – the Object Identity Number is the true identity of an item in relation to the collection it resides in. 

Identifying problem or incorrect numbers

  • Look at how the record numbers order in the Grid view when the Indexorder is Identity number(with the key symbol)

 Index identity number in Modes 1.3

  • Use the Indexed Searchtool via the Select menu and Create listof the Identity numberindex.
  • To print off the list out use the Output menu > Reports > Make lists > Create a list of Index keys > Generate > Preview/Save As 

Group together 

  • Create a subset of the records containing incorrect numbers – either by marking them in the grid or by selecting from the indexed search. 

Correct each record individually

  • It’s not possible to edit these numbers in the grid but you can hand edit in the single Editor view.
  • Switch to the Editorview tab and here you can manually edit the ObjectIdentitynumber.
  • Save the change to that record before moving on to the next. 

Global editing

  • If a global change is required to a large number of records or even a whole file – please contact Modes Support for assistance.  We can assist you with adding or changing prefixes globally.  
  • If the numbers have awkward or inconsistent spacing eg BCRTM : 2018.1– Modes Support can assist in removing the leading/trailing spaces across the whole file in one global edit.


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