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Time to freshen up your Modes

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Improve your Modes Complete by upgrading to the latest version – Modes Complete v1.4.


Spring has finally waved its magic wand, and here at Modes we’ve been busy freshening up Modes Complete.  The latest update prepares the software for compliance with Spectrum 5, the latest version of the collection management standard.

daffodils. picture by Nick PS

While the sun hid away in its winter retreat, we’ve busied ourselves squashing bugs, resolving issues over printing, and making several key improvements to Modes Complete.  We’ve given you more control over font settings so you can now easily change the size and style of the font in the Grid, Browser view, and some of the PDF outputs and printouts.

The changes also embrace the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to replace the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec in May 2018. The law regulates how companies protect EU citizens personal data and aims to better safeguard the processing and movement of data. Some of the key privacy and data protection requirements of the GDPR are:

  • The consent of subjects is required for data processing
  • Data breach notifications must be provided
  • Greater privacy is required for collected data
  • Safer handling of data across borders


 Screenshot: New consent field. Complete 1.4

Screenshot: New consent field.


Why Upgrade?

There are lots of great new developments in the Modes Complete update to ensure that your Modes meets the changing requirements for Spectrum compliance. Each update also brings improvements to how the program operates by fixing bugs, refining reports and by incorporating new updates.  Updating your Modes is free for support-paying members and helps keep your software in sync with national standards, as well as your changing organisational requirements. 


NEW features

  • Support for the latest standards in Spectrum 5 including new Collections Review and Reproduction procedures.
  • Simple font settings enabled for most views and outputs – allowing you to select font and size.
  • New full record view available as a pdf for printing/sharing.
  • Person/Consent element – support for GDPR requirements.
  • Import data into Modes Complete directly from Modes Compact.
  • New ‘Reader’ level access for staff and volunteers that need to see the full record (like and Object Recorder level of access) but cannot edit or make changes to the record.


 Screenshot: New Spectrum procedures Complete 1.4

Screenshot: New Spectrum procedures

 Screenshot: Smart Font of your choosing Complete v1.4

Screenshot: Smart Font of your choosing


 Screenshot: Use preferred font complete v1.4

Screenshot: Use preferred font



  • Various bugs have been fixed, including a common problem with printing from the Grid.
  • Updated help files, including Spectrum 5 annotated with Modes examples.

More Control

  • Control which user groups can see which Grids
  • Control which user groups can use which Indexes
  • Control location of image files

More Security

Improved security with advanced password settings

  • Set password length and complexity
  • Set password expiry


  • Easier installation.
  • Update your system straight from v1.2 to 1.4 if you’re not currently using v1.3.
  • No data conversion required.
  • The upgrade will not change your existing records.


How will I receive the update?

Modes Complete version 1.4 will be made available by download via Networked users will need to update both the Server program on the Server and the client program on each of the Workstations. We’ll inform you by newsletter once the update is available to download – so watch this space.


When will Modes Complete v1.4 be available?

Very soon – we’re in the final stage of testing, so intend to have the update ready by June.


Don’t I already have version 1.4?

Some users will find their Modes Complete version number is already ‘1.4’.  But you will still need to upgrade Modes to get the full upgrade package with the features described here…


How do I know which version I am currently using?

To find out which version of Modes you’re currently using go to the Help menu > About > Client Version or click on this link: How to check your version of Modes


Is there a v1.4 update for Modes Compact?

Modes Compact upgrade to v1.4 will follow later in the year.


Need training on the new update?  Sign up to one of our forthcoming training sessions, or you can book your own bespoke training session, at your location. To find out more, mail:


For more information version 1.4, get in touch with


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