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Top Tips for Restricting access to sensitive parts of your Modes data.

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Can people just look at my Modes and not be allowed to edit the data or see confidential information? Can I have a read-only Modes? Is it possible for members of the Public or Researchers look at my Modes?  Can we hide sensitive personal information relating to acquisitioned items?

These are common questions asked by Modes users and there is a straight forward answer ‘Yes you can’ and it’s easy because this is covered by a built-in solution.


Here’s how:

  • Login into the Public view using the supplied login :

Username         public

Password          leave this empty, there is no password

What can the ‘public’ user see/do in Modes?

  • The ‘public’ user can see records in a grid view which does not display the Object Location data, Acquisition data, nor any prices or valuation data.
  • The ‘public’ user can use text search, and a limited selection of indexed searches*. 
  • The ‘public’ user can print off pdf of Record Summary document which excludes any confidential information. 

What can the ‘public’ user NOT see/do in Modes:.

  • Cannot see any confidential data about the donor person or organisation.
  • Cannot see the Object Location or Location history.
  • Cannot see any Price information, valuations or links to Procedural documents.
  • Cannot export records out of Modes but can print an ‘Exhibition caption’ PDF or a ‘Record summary (public)’ only.
  • The ‘public’ user cannot make any changes or edits to Modes records.
  • The ‘public’ user cannot add images or multimedia files to a Modes record.

What if you have a team member who might need to know where something is located but doesn’t require editing permissions? 

  • The administrator can change the various ‘required_rights’ settings and give the ‘public’ user access to specific grids and outputs.
  • There will be a new level of access to Modes called ‘reader’ – which will allow unrestricted read-only access to Modes.  The ‘reader’ will be able to see all the same grids, outputs and indexes as the ‘cataloguer’ user.  For example, ‘readers’ will able to see Object Locations, but not be allowed to edit the Location data.*
  • The administrator will be able to create multiple named accounts with ‘reader’ access.

* This will be a new feature in the Modes update version 1.4 – due for release soon.

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