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Eat, Sleep, Clone, Repeat

Inspired by the multi-part ‘Flock’ sculpture by Philippa Robbins at MOMA Machynlleth and seeing other series of artworks at the Gallery in which a single artwork or form is repeated multiple times – the question arose how do you repeat a record in Modes?  By repeat, in Modes, we mean ‘duplicate’ or ‘clone’ a record.  This is an extremely handy way to speed up the process of quickly entering data for virtually identical objects, photos or documents or even whole collections which have been acquired from the same source.


Single clone

  • Select an existing record to be cloned.  This might be a record design with common details already populated in the record.
  • Via the Edit menu > Clone current record > Give the clone a unique Record ID.


Multiple duplicates

If you need to produce a series of duplicate records with sequential numbers use the Create records report.

  • Output menu > Reports > Create records
  • Select Clone current record
  • The Report box make-clones opens and select Current record from the Scope.


There are 4 Parameters to action upon:

  • Start_at is starting sub number eg BCRTM:2018.1.1
  • Pad_to_lengthno padding – this will not insert a leading zero before the sub-number.
  • How_many – determines the numbers of clones.
  • Separator – the style in which the separator is applied eg slash BCRTM:2018.1/1


Generating the cloned records

  • Click on Generate button.
  • Save As the resulting file as an XML file to convenient place (ie Desktop.
  • Via Edit menu > Import > Select file to import > select the XML file saved to Desktop
  • Run import button.
  • Once imported click on Close button and then Refresh now when prompted.

See the cloned records appear in your Modes file.  REMEMBER that you will probably need to go and fine tune some of the details of each clone record to capture their unique pieces of information.

Modes Complete useful tip – Use Clone records to clone a supplied template in the Templates file as a starting point for designing your customised template.

Clone records can really help quicker and more consistent data entry – but it all depends on the source record being cloned.