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These are a Few of our Favourite Things…

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Last month, in what we hope to be a regular feature in this newsletter, we asked Modes Users to share their favourite museum objects with us. We loved Kiplin Hall’s impressive late C17th/early C18th Kangxi vase chosen by the staff from amongst the Hall’s eclectic mix of family possessions.

 Kangxi vase courtesy of Kiplin Hall North Yorkshire. 2017

Built in 1619, for George Calvert, Secretary of State for James I and founder of Maryland USA, Kiplin Hall stands by the River Swale in the Vale of Mowbray, North Yorkshire. This beautiful red-brick Jacobean house has been home to four family’s during its four-hundred-year history: the Calverts, the Crowes, the Carpenters and Talbots -  and is packed full of intriguing antiquities, paintings, furniture and personal memorabilia collected by one or other of these families who resided in the Hall between 1620 and 1971. The Hall is presented to the public as it may have looked at the end of the nineteenth century.

The Kangxi vase is certainly an attractive and valuable piece in the collection. Kangxi porcelains are very varied due to the longevity of this particular period (the Kangxi emperor ruled 1662-1722) and are particularly prized as both imperial (made for the emperor’s household) and non-imperial wares all demonstrate a high standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic design. Modes would like to thank Dawn Webster, curator of Kiplin Hall for sharing this picture with us.

We would also like to admit to having a soft spot for the rather gorgeous spaniel sat beside the vase – but we’re not so sure about his crocodile friend!


Do you have a favourite museum piece to share with other Modes users? Modes would love to hear from you. Send us a picture – and tell us why it is an extra special item.



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