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Complete Top Tips – What’s the Story?

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Inspired by this year’s Collections Trust Conference focusing on the role of people in delivering collections management, have you ever wondered how to capture expert opinion about an item or even the reaction to an object by a visitor?  Could there be anecdotal knowledge mentioned at the point of deposit or associated stories and connections unearthed during the documenting of the item? Was there an emotional response, a memory triggered or unexpected connection between a visitor and an item in the collection which could be captured as supporting knowledge?


In Modes Complete record this supporting or contextual information using the Evidence element group, if not the Association element group.  ‘Evidence’ does not come as a supplied element group – so it needs setting up and storing for future use.

  • Insert the element Evidence as a top level element group
  • Append inside elements and element groups
  • Use the Type field to record what type of evidence e.g. eye witness


 Modes Complete Top Tips

  • Store this Evidence element group for future use by selecting the group in the Editor view right clicking and Store element group.  Now this Evidence element group is stored for future use.
  • Use the Multimedia view to collate sound, video and written evidence and testimonies in the one place.


To pick up more top tips about Modes, come along to the Modes Annual Workshop at Derby City Museum and Art Gallery on Tuesday 3rd October.  (Booking is essential).  Or take a look at the User Guides provided via .