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New Data Protection Laws Soon

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The issue of data protection is highlighted again as a new Data Protection Bill, which will add the EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) into U.K law is prepared. The law will give people greater rights over their personal data, including the ‘right to be forgotten’ by organisations, allowing individuals to ask for the removal of their personal information from databases. There will also be stricter rules around asking for consent before processing personal data.

Failing to comply with the new law will incur fines from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Museums have been keen to seek clarity on several issues with the new bill – questions raised include: What exceptions, if any, will be made for archiving and research purposes? And will there be a limit on how much public institutions can be fined?

Further details on this complicated yet important issue for our users can be found on the Museums Association website


Modes suggests that this could be a suitable topic for discussion at our Knowledge Café during our Workshop and AGM on 3rd October 2017 at Derby Museum and Art Gallery, so come along and add your views.