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Top Tips for Keeping your data safe

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Twice in recent weeks global cyber attacks have been launched against various institutions around the World.  Modes Users are NOT immune from these ‘ransomware’ and other debilitating/ file deleting computer viruses. Keep your anti-virus software up to date and for extra security make regular backups of your Modes data from which you can restore your Modes data should your computer ever become compromised.


Our Top Tip is MAKE A BACKUP today of your Modes data! Do make sure that the BACKUP is stored elsewhere and NOT on the same computer. 

How to make a Backup of an open datafile:

  1. Output menu > Reports > Backup records > Backup
  2. Select Whole file as the Scope
  3. Click the Generate button
  4. When completed the Save As button becomes active
  5. Save the resulting XML file to your chosen safe storage place

How to make a Backup when closing a datafile:

  1. Select the Make a full backup option in the Action box
  2. Click on drop down button in Backup to box to select a drive letter to backup to.
  3. You can setup more detailed paths to Backup directories – these could include cloud-based storage, such as Dropbox, or to a storage device such as a NAS unit. These specific backup paths can be set up by editing the INI file – please contact Modes Support for advice on how to do this.

*Remember this just backs up your Modes data and NOT any attached Images or Multimedia files.  These live elsewhere on your computer/server network and you need to make your own back provision for these.