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Find and Select – the quick way to select all listed search results

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Still the quickest and most accurate way to search your Modes datafile and select a group of records is to use the Indexed search function.  You’ll find this search facility via the Select Menu > Indexed search or by clicking on the short-cut button – the red question mark with the yellow folder .


Click in the Index name box to select which index to search by.

Choose Index to search by.

TT image 1 application object recordClick on Create list button to display a list of the contents. Take a look at the list before refining the selection.

Type in Select box to refine your search results list and click on Create list button again.  Remember the less you type (in Select box) the more full your search results will be.


TT image 2 select index entry

Eg Location – current location index search for locations containing the word ‘box’

Convenient way to select all results displayed in the list is to use the Select all button.



TT image 3 select index entry

Eg             Select all button enables a quick selection of all the search results listed

Remember to give your subset a descriptive name in the Subset name box along the bottom.

Click on Subset button.




Final Tip – Try using Word Search (Indexed search function) rather than Text search.  It’s far quicker and displays the search results without you having to go into each individual record to view the search result.

Happy searching!



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