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Danger Danger! Modes Complete Top Tips for recording hazards in collections

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The ongoing commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, one hundred years ago, reminds us not only of the dangers of conflict but also of the potential dangers and hazards in the handling, storage and display of various items in our collections.

All types of collections can present hazards to the collections team, museum and public.  Whether it’s ordnance (weapons and firearms), poisonous materials (such as mercury), handling risks (such as exceptionally heavy items), sharp tools hazards and sometimes even explosive hazards, this information must be recorded in your object records.

In Modes Complete use the Object Requirements stored element group to capture this information.

  • Insert element group - Object Requirements
  • Record the hazard in the Hazard element – this can be free text.
  • If you need to specify hazards insert Keyword elements inside Hazard as subordinate keywords:

Modes Complete recording hazards screenshot



You have been warned!


For more information or assistance with this please contact Modes Support at or call 01332 366616.


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