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Compact Workshop Review

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30 June 2016 at The Voicebox, Derby.

Compact Workshop group 30 June 2016We had a great turn out at our recent Modes Compact Workshop, with about 30 delegates joining us at The Voicebox in Derby to take part and find out what’s new in the new 1.3 update.  Our enthusiastic Compact users are a great community and took every opportunity to ask questions throughout the day – and very valid and useful questions these were too. 

Compact Workshop buffet 30 June 2016The morning session started with a demo of the new features –  on the agenda were new view, templates, functionality terminology control.  Another great new feature, and one which was extremely well received by our delegates, was the poweruser account control – this feature now gives the key administrator/poweruser control over creating new user named accounts. We think this is a great tool for a number of reasons – as an auditing tool for connecting users to object records, for providing added security and for training and development of staff (it can be a great method for identifying data inconsistencies and identifying individual training or skills needs). Dragging and dropping of images and other multimedia files (such as PDFs, Word documents and video clips) proved to be another hit with the delegates.

After a delicious buffet lunch organised by Diane and the house keeping team, the afternoon session continued with a number of practical sessions – and hands-on group work to work through some of the earlier demonstration items.


Some of your questions

Compact Workshop group 30 June 2016We thought it would be useful to publish a selection of your questions, as these may be on the minds of other users.

  1. How do you get data out of one datafile and into another?  This question arose from someone asking about separating non accessioned items from the principle datafile.  Here’s how: Select the records to be separated out (maybe these are items for a handling collection or items that have been rationalised). Use the Output menu Report called ‘export records’ (another improvement in version 1.3). Export the selected records as XML and Save As to Desktop.  Open another datafile via the File menu and switching in to editing mode Import via the Edit menu.  This file can be rename by Alter file description on the File menu.
  2. What happens if you accidentally ‘delete’ records? There is a parallel database built into Modes to capture all deleted records from which unintended deleted records can be retrieved by the poweruser and reinstated in the original datafile.  Deletion databases are accessed via the File menu > Open Deletion Files > Object Records. Login in as a poweruser you can export the deleted records and import them back into a selected datafile.
  3. What do the pink and green areas mean?  Green areas are locked elements and Pink elements are editable areas fields.
  4. How do I add new terms to my termlists?  Another great new feature designed to bring consistency to your records is the ability to build up a Classification terminology control.  To add new classification terms you must be logged in as ‘poweruser’ and open the termlist file via the File menu > Open data files > Termlist data. You can add, edit and delete terms here.

The Modes team had a lot of fun at the Workshop and, as ever, we learned things too about the new program and how our members interact with the program.  A big thank you to all those who attended and we hope you all enjoyed the day and found it as rewarding too.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions about Compact 1.3 or would like to find out more about Modes Compact 1.3, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at:

• New account customers: Telephone 01332 291345 or Email:
• Modes users: Telephone 01332 366616 or Email:


More pictures from the day... can you spot yourself in the image gallery?

Compact Workshop group 30 June 2016   Compact Workshop group 30 June 2016     Compact Workshop group 30 June 2016