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Why updating works: Modes Complete v1.3

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You may be wondering why you should update your current version of Modes Complete to version 1.3?  To help guide you, we’ve compiled a list of the many improvements and new features from which you can benefit in your collections role.


Why update to v1.3?

  1. As with all software it’s vital to keep your Modes up-to-date. The update will help your Modes be more secure and more efficient.


Quicker and more responsive

  1. With load time improved, Modes is set to work better for your business needs*.

*This will depend on your individual technical environment and access to the internet.


New support for archive users

  1. Mapping of the Object Application to International Archive Standards ISAD(G) supported by reports that export Modes data to ISAD(G) and templates that allow recording at Repository, Fonds/Subfonds, Series and Item levels.



  1. Modes Complete v1.3 includes a whole range of new templates, such as a Medals template, Oral History template, Digital image and even a Technology, and Transport template.  In addition to these new templates, there are a complete suite of archival templates designed for recording archival documents within a hierarchy of levels which can be mapped into ISAD(G) standards. To find out how to use the templates, read our Top Tip from October, describing the decorative arts template.


Intuitive reports

  1. New reports with clear names, such as ‘Tidy up records’, ‘Export records’, ‘Make Charts’ and ‘Print labels’.  These make it easier to select the report or output you require.  Plus it’s easier to customise reports with museum logo and contact details.


New PDF outputs

  1. With different ways to display your PDF data you have more control over visual output including a public document format and an exhibition label with image format.


Improved location management functionality

  1. Globally update grouped items from different parts of a museum to a new location in a single update action.


Recording people, places and events

  1. New Person data files and a Person template to enable you to make a whole record about an individual which can be linked to Object records (not just a Person section within a record about an object). The same is true for Organisation records, Place records and Event records.


What else?

  1. New button for easy access to sort grid and a redesigned screen for easier Grid sorting.
  2. Much faster text search.
  3. Image drag and drop has the EXIF and IPTC data disabled as default.
  4. Right click to spell check, but we’ve removed the pop-up which checked all the spellings whether you wanted it or not!
  5. Validation check – hover over a red cross in an editor screen to find out the type of validation error.
  6. Make multiple copies of a record.
  7. Make random subsets for audit.
  8. In Modes Admin there is a new Report options tab to customise the settings used in reports and outputs – such as your Museum contact and logo.
  9. Publication tab to set up controls to enable publication of your Modes data in linked data format.


What’s involved?

  1. Your system administrator will need to install the update.  You may need to contact your IT Department or support provider do this for you.
  2. Download the installation files from our website.
  3. Download and read the installation guide before running the update.

This upgrade doesn’t affect your data files.


Upgrading on a standalone installation

  1. If Modes is installed on a standalone computer, you will need only the workstation update.


Upgrading on a network

  1. When Modes is installed on a network, both the server and workstation components need to be updated.
  2. You can upgrade the client workstations first – these will still work with the old version server program.  This can be useful if you need to keep working with Modes whilst you roll out the update.
  3. The full update won’t take effect until the server component has been updated.  But once the server has been updated the client workstations need to be upgraded too.


Upgrading from Modes XML

  1. Please contact as this upgrade will only work from Modes Complete v1.2 .


Post upgrade

  1. After running the update, there are some optional features which need to be imported into the Modes Admin program.  This stage may be carried out by any Modes Admin user.  These are the new templates, new element groups, and features to support archival cataloguing. Please read the installation guides. 


How long does it take?

  1. Up to 5 minutes per machine to run the upgrade.
  2. Post upgrade tasks can be done anytime after the upgrade and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


How to get started?

  1. The person carrying out the upgrade will need to contact Modes Support to request a link to download the software from our website.
  2. Let us know whether you need only to update an existing Modes installation (‘upgrade installation’), or whether you will also need to install Modes on computers not already running Modes (‘new installation’).


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss Modes Complete v1.3 in more detail – please call Modes Support on 01332 366616 or email