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Join the new Modes Forum28th February, 2019

Have you got a question for the Modes community?  Is it something which other Modes users might be able to shed some light on? Why not join the discussion on the Modes Forum?

New training courses28th February, 2019

We’ve been creating some new Modes courses to match your training needs.

Top Tips for inventory recording28th February, 2019

Modes gives support for recording museum objects at the Inventory level, which can readily be expanded to catalogue records.

Modes Users Survey 201928th February, 2019

We would like to hear from you about how Modes software supports your museum tasks.

Modes Day and AGM 2018 Review22nd November, 2018

Modes were delighted to see so many of our users at our annual Modes Day and AGM! This year the Modes team took Modes Day on the road to the beautiful and historic John Bunyan Meeting Church in Bedford. READ MORE

Top Tips for checking software version numbers22nd November, 2018

With the upgrade for Modes Complete now available and with Modes Compact to follow early next year – how do you know which version of Modes software you’re running? The simplest tasks are sometimes difficult to know what to do.... we can help you navigate!

Upgrade now to Modes Complete version 1.425th October, 2018

Modes Complete version 1.4 – the first UK management system to be compliant with Spectrum 5.0 – is available now

Banish the Backlog! Annual Modes Day and AGM 20185th September, 2018

Join us at the Bunyan Meeting Church, Bedford (next to the John Bunyan Museum) on Tuesday 2nd October 2018. This year’s conference will focus on the Collections Trusts’ drive to ‘Banish the Backlog’ with the expert guidance of our keynote speaker Sarah Brown (Outreach Officer at CT).

Oops wrong number!5th September, 2018

It can happen even to the best of us – we’ve accidently typed in an incorrect Identity Number and clicked the OK button and Modes has produced a record with a unique but incorrect Object Identity Number. This month our top tips show you how to fix those annoying mistakes in your data....

Top Tips for Restricting access to sensitive parts of your Modes data.24th April, 2018

Can people just look at my Modes and not be allowed to edit the data or see confidential information? Can I have a read-only Modes? Is it possible for members of the Public or Researchers look at my Modes? Can we hide sensitive personal information relating to acquisitioned items? These are common questions asked by Modes users and there is a straight forward answer ‘Yes you can’ and it’s easy because this is covered by a built-in solution. Find out more...