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COVID-19 New online training opportunities24th April, 2020

Although we have always valued our face to face training sessions, this way of learning about Modes will not be possible for the time being. But we have been busy creating fresh ways to deliver Modes training online and help you to get more out of your Modes.

Checking your Modes Complete version number8th December, 2019

With the upgrade for Modes Complete 1.4 now available, how do you know which version of Modes you’re using?

Modes Users Survey 201929th May, 2019

Modes Users Survey 2019

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Modes Users survey.

Updating object locations29th May, 2019

Knowing where each and every item in your collection is at any given time is a fundamental collections management task.

Inventory recording28th February, 2019

Inventory recording

Modes gives support for recording museum objects at the Inventory level, which can readily be expanded to catalogue records.