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Setting up Modes to work from home

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With lockdown restrictions forcing museums to close, people have been in touch with us for advice about setting up Modes to work at home.

For many users, this will not be a problem.  If you are using Modes Compact on a laptop, you can simply take it home.  Likewise, if you have Modes Complete set up in ‘standalone’ mode.  

Some Modes Complete users will routinely log on using a remote desktop application such as Citrix or a Remote Desktop over a VPN, which will enable them to carry on from wherever they might be working.  This might be an option that your IT support can set up for you.

But if you have a standard Modes Complete network installation, it will work only when you are in the office and connected to the local network.  We do not recommend trying to make a direct connection to the the Modes server client using a VPN. This will almost certainly be too slow, unless you also use a remote desktop application.

The easiest solution is this case is to re-install Modes in ’standalone’ mode, which means it will work entirely independent of the network. You can download the software and instructions from our software downloads page. Select the option to Always work standalone

You will then need to set up local copies of all your data files.  The quickest way to do this is copy the modesdata folder from the network server and replace the modesdata folder on the standalone computer.  This will replicate all your data files, grids, passwords and other settings and you will be able to carry on working immediately.  To enable this to work you must upgrade the laptop to Modes Complete version 1.5.

If you cannot get access to the modesdata folder, you will need to begin by creating a full backup of each data file you wish to copy from the network.  Click here for our user guide about backing up which explains this further. 

Then you will need to set up the local copy of each data file, and import the data from the backups.  The user guide about setting up files from backup explains this process. A standalone copy set up in this way will not include usernames and passwords from the networked version, and you will need to set these up manually.

Your licence allows you to install additional copies of the software so long as there is no possibility that concurrent use of the program will not exceed the licenced number. For example, if you have a licence for two users, you can set up two standalone copies to use outside the office whilst the office is closed.

Contact Modes Support if you need help with any part of this process.


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