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Upgrade now to Modes Complete version 1.5

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We have been busy making improvements, fixing bugs and refining the program so that it’s more powerful and easier to use than ever before.

Here are six things which we think you’ll love in Modes Complete version 1.5:

Super fast searching

detail of Modes interface showing Word search box

NEW Word search feature on the toolbar.  Modes Complete 1.5 includes a Word search box on the toolbar.  When you type into the box, any matching terms in the database immediately appear as a list.  You can select a term from the list to mark or subset the corresponding records.  

hand holding a stopwatch

Indexed search and Text search are super fast in the new version. We estimate that searching is up to 20 times faster than previously.

Easy set up for termlists

We’ve provided pre-defined termlists for object names, classifications, and object locations, ready for you to populate with your own terms.

Calendar reminders

ical icon Jul 17 google calendar icon 31 Outlook icon

No excuse to forget loan returns.  You can create and save calendar reminders for return dates for loans, object entry and object exit records in the Procedures application.

Be alert

exclamation mark in red border radiation symbol in yellow triangle skull and crossbones in red border

You can flag your records with hazard icons, which will appear in the Browser, PDF and Grid views.

Scan and track

example of barcode

We have extended support for barcoding.  Barcode labels can now be generated to represent storage locations, and there is an option to include barcodes in the PDF full record outputs.

Automatic insertion of record date

When you create a new record from a template, the current date is inserted automatically in the Recorder section.

A Complete revision

This has been our most thorough revision of the software and supporting manuals. As well as fixing bugs, we’ve provided new grids, indexes, termlists and templates, and revised all the reports. There is much to discover in this upgrade.

Read the full list of features

Working from home

The underlying database component has been upgraded to NexusDB 4.50. This was already available for networked users in version 1.4 but now has been included in the standalone version as well. This makes it possible to copy data files and user controls (logins, passwords and settings) between networked and standalone versions of Modes, which will make it much easier to work from home when you’re not able to connect to the Museum server.

Why upgrade?

a hand writes on a clock TIME TO UPGRADE

It’s been 18 months since our previous upgrade (version 1.4) was released.  So we recommend all users upgrade to get the many benefits from the latest round of development, whether you’re currently using version 1.2, version 1.3 or the most recent version 1.4. 

What does it cost?

The upgrade is free to all Modes Complete users who have paid for support in the current year.

How will I receive the upgrade?

Modes Complete 1.5 is free to download from our website.  If you already have a username and password for the website, just log on and and follow the links to Software downloads. Or request a download link from Modes Support.  

Is it easy to install?

Upgrades should be carried out by a qualified person - your IT support, or the person usually responsible for installing software in your organisation. Contact Modes Support if you need help. 

The upgrade will not change your existing records, and no conversion process is required.

More information

Contact Modes Support if you have any questions about version 1.5. Download  the full list of new features or the technical overview.









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