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Museums to re-open on 4 July

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outline drawing of 4 July calendar page

It's great news that museums are scheduled to reopen from 4th July. All of us at Modes wish you a safe reopening and success in the challenge of resuming museum life in the ‘new normal’ world.

As you return to your places of work, blow away the cobwebs, refamiliarize yourselves with old friends and half-forgotten collections, we at Modes sincerely hope all is well at your museum and as you left it back in March.  So, when you open the doors again and perhaps start to think about updating your Modes catalogue, remember we are here to help you again get up and running using Modes.

Many of you contacted us at the beginning of lockdown about how to get your Modes working at home.  We helped many of you to connect to your servers using Remote Desktop connections, and for those who couldn’t connect remotely we helped to install freestanding standalone copies of Modes.  We hope that you were able to get Modes working in a meaningful way during this crisis period.

Some users reported that Modes was far quicker working from home using a remote connection – which goes to prove that internal networks are not always well configured to support Modes use.  Other users have enjoyed the flexibility of working on a standalone setup.  We have discovered image paths with impossibly long and complex filenames, poorly configured image directories, inadequate backup procedures, and many other niggles.

So whether it’s syncing your standalone version with your networked version back in the office or sorting out your Image filenames and paths or something simple like having your own member’s account – please GET IN TOUCH and we will assist you on your next steps with Modes. 

Feeling rusty with Modes?  Contact to find out more about our online training offerings.

Stay safe,

Nick Pearce-Smith