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New online training opportunities

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Get ready to Zoom! Modes online training is at your fingertips

Although we have always valued our face-to-face training sessions, this way of learning about Modes will not be possible for the time being. But we have been busy creating fresh ways to deliver Modes training online and help you to get more out of your Modes.

Whatever your level of Modes of experience, from a total novice, to wanting to update your Modes skills or even learning to be the system administrator – we have a course for you. Both Modes Complete and Modes Compact programs are catered for by these courses. You can take the training as direct one-to-one coaching sessions or as a group training event for a whole team.

Training is delivered in bitesize courses of 60 minutes. 

We use Zoom to connect – it’s nice and simple – you receive a link for a scheduled session, click on it and off you go - ZOOM!

You don’t even need to have Modes on your computer at home. 

Click here find out more information about Modes online training and the courses we offer or drop me a line.

Hope to connect with you SOON and STAY SAFE in the meantime!

Nick Pearce-Smith