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COVID-19 Modes is still working hard to support you

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Modes is still working hard to support you

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During these unprecedented times we want to update you regarding the Modes Users Association’s (MUA) current situation and its provision for our users across the UK. As any business, we have prioritised our people first and will continue to respond appropriately to any official guidelines or support from the government with regards to this.

Help Desk support continues

From the outset of the crisis, due to the nature of our business, our team were able to make the necessary adjustments to working remotely, and showed their usual high level of commitment and dedication in making this happen.  This means that our help desk was able to continue without interruption, while ensuring the safety and well-being of the team. 

Training Provision

For the time being the main change to our range of services is that face-to-face training has been cancelled but we will soon be offering a programme of online training opportunities.

Making it work for YOU

All our users will have their own concerns and challenges right now due to staffing, volunteers, IT set up etc. but the Modes team are well equipped to deal with these. We are here to help and support you so do get in touch by calling 01332 742512 / 742552 and refer to the Covid-19 blog on our website

Continuing to support Modes

As a small business we will be looking to adapt and develop further during this period and ensure that when this current crisis is over that we remain fully able to continue to support over 680 museums and heritage organisations in the UK into the future. We appreciate your continued support for us during this time.

Keeping up to date

There will be communications regarding tips to working remotely, troubleshooting and other helpful hints to working successfully with your collection during this time. If you are not already a subscriber, sign up here to join our mailing list. And don't forget to join the Modes Forum to share questions and comments with other Modes users.
With best wishes & stay well,
Emma Herrity, Chair of the Board of Directors
Richard Langley, Services Manager


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