modes collections management

Documenting collections since 1987


1987 MODES released by MDA
1992 MODES-plus added indexing and searching functions
1994 Catalist. A simplfied version of MODES-plus
1995 MODES-plus version 2.00 allowed users to link image and text files to MODES records
1996 MUA was formed
1997 MUA purchased MODES programs from MDA, and released MODES-plus version 2.50
1999 MODES for Windows released
2000 Catalist for Windows released
2002 MODES Web Server allowed users to set up a website incorporating an MFW database
2006 ModesXML allowed multiple users to work togther on a networked database
2010 Modes Compact. A simplified single-user version of ModesXML
2012 Modes Compact version 1.2. ModesXML renamed ModesComplete
2015 Modes Complete version 1.3
2016 Modes Compact version 1.3
2018 Modes Complete version 1.4
2020 Modes Complete version 1.5 includes toolbar search box