modes collections management

Documenting collections since 1987

The Modes story

Documenting collections for over 30 years

Modes was developed by the Museum Documentation Association (MDA) who released the first version in 1987.

Supporting Modes users since 1996

The Modes Users Association (MUA) was formed in 1996 to support the growing numbers of organisations using Modes. In 1997 the MUA became a not-for-profit company and acquired the Modes suite of programs.

We've been developing the software and supporting users ever since.

All Modes users who pay their annual subscription are members of the MUA, and there are now more than 680 member organisations.  As part of the MUA, you join an active community with the opportunity to shape the future of collections management.

Spectrum Partner

As a Spectrum Partner, Modes helps museums put the Spectrum standard into practice.