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BDA Dental Museum, London

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How has Modes helped you?

The British Dental Association Museum has recently upgraded to Modes Complete from Modes for Windows.

The Museum was keen to make its collections in store more accessible via the Museum's website and wanted to trial the use of QR codes in the Museum galleries.   The system will also assist us in working with managing audio files collected for our new oral history archive. Additionally, we hope to integrate Modes as a collection management tool, which will support our Accreditation return.

The transition seemed daunting at first but 25,000 Modes records have now been seamlessly transferred. The training day for staff and volunteers inspired all participants with the new capabilities of Modes. Over the last few months, staff and volunteers have been busy gaining confidence working with the new system, which is easy to use and well-supported.

Modes software, training and support are integral to the long-term future of the museum and we feel so confident in Modes' ability to help us achieve our goals, that we have recommended Modes to other medical museums in our network.

Overview of the organisation


Source: Rachel Bairsto, Curator

The BDA Dental Museum is the place to  find out about the history of dental care in the UK. With nearly 30,000 items the  museum has the largest collection of material relating to the history of dentistry in the UK, from its time as a marketplace spectacle to the complex procedures and treatment of today.

Exploring the collectionThe museum aims to achieve its goals of bringing out the relevance of the past, present and future of dentistry, to inspire and educate existing and new audiences.   The museum strives to  influence the perception of the science, practice and social impact of dentistry, by growing and caring for its collection and by making it accessible to all through displays, publications, education services, research opportunities and in the virtual environment.   It is a key partner in the London Museums of Health and Medicine network and attracts 6000 visitors per year.

When did you start using Modes software?  

I have worked with Modes software for 10 years now.

How many people use Modes?  

It is used by staff and volunteers across the museum.