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Top Tips for Keeping your data safe30th June, 2017

Twice in recent weeks global cyber attacks have been launched against various institutions around the World. Modes Users are NOT immune from these ‘ransomware’ and other debilitating/ file deleting computer viruses. Keep your anti-virus software up to date and for extra security make regular backups of your Modes data from which you can restore your Modes data should your computer ever become compromised.

MA positive action: securing a better future for museums30th June, 2017

In May, the Museums Association released its 'Manifesto 2017'. This short, but powerful document addresses the challenges faced by museums in a rapidly changing world, and reinforces the essential role that museums play in enhancing lives across every aspect of our culture and society. We take a look at how Modes Users can take action to help drive Museums Change Lives ...

What’s new in Spectrum 5.0?30th June, 2017

As the most popular SPECTRUM compliant collections management software in UK museums, Modes takes a closer look at the pending updates to Spectrum 4.0. due to be released this summer – a Draft version of the proposed changes is now available on the Collections Trust website.